Friday, November 7, 2008

Nothing as Planned

A personal day....aah! Doesn't it sound nice? A day for me. To do whatever I want, wherever I want, for as long as I want...or at least until it is time to pick up the kids from school. :) I grabbed my Bible, computer and school papers for good intentions of grading. Dropped the kids off at school and headed out. Bought a coke and kept my eyes open for garage sale signs as I scouted the perfect place to read and pray and write.

Unfortunately, that's as close to plan as my day is going to get.

In Lynchburg, Virginia, where I attended college there are several perfect spots to read and pray. A community of townhouses surrounding a quiet "lake" with a gazebo and picnic tables. The James River where God placed a perfect, large, flat rock which has an indentation which fits my body perfectly (at least it did twenty years ago!). Crabtree Falls.

In Kimberling City, Missouri, there is a rock cliff 300 feet above Table Rock Lake with a hidden spot where I loved being alone with God.

But today, I couldn't find a spot. I know God has a place for me in Longview, but it must not be ready for me. So, I headed to my sister's house. It is always a comfortable space with cozy furniture and no children. (Now, don't get the wrong idea. I love my kids!!!! Both my own and my class...but everyone needs to "Be still and know that I am God." And we all know that kids and being still DO NOT go together! No matter how hard we try to make them :) )

My arms were loaded down with all my stuff and I was struggling getting her door open. I'd like to blame it on her door, but using the wrong key didn't help matters. However, before the realization of trying a different key dawned on me, I took all my stuff to the van to have both my hands free. Out of habit I locked the doors and after successfully getting into the house and returning to retrieve my things I realized that the van key is on a separate keychain safely nestled in my purse. Inside the van. With locked doors.

Now, while waiting two hours for my van to be unlocked I realize that half my day is over and nothing I wanted to do has been done.

Except, I was forced to be still. The still wasn't as I had planned it, but it was how God allowed it. His plan not mine. He is always on His throne even when we make mistakes, even when we think we are in control, even when the world votes against us, even when what we want doesn't come about.

Be still and know that He is God. Yesterday. Today. Forevermore.

(In my mind, I just now said "Praise You, Lord!" and was reminded of Chloe going to the van this morning. She was singing her own creative "Bless You Jesus" song when she started singing of Dora and Boots. With her precious little voice, she said, "I praise you Jesus, for Dora and Boots. I praise you!" In all things, give thanks to God!)