Monday, July 19, 2010

where everybody knows your name

It may have been a bar that was referred to as the place where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came. should be the church.  Noone should walk through the doors of a church and feel unwanted or unwelcome.  Each individual should be touched and spoken to.  And, I mean spoken to in a conversation sort of way...not in a "Good Morning" now I'm done fashion.

I have recently returned to the church that is home in my heart.  Throughout my many years of life I have only been a member of this congregation for perhaps 3 years and not consecutive.  Yet, I feel as though I belong...I am one of them.  The people who make up this church never cease to amaze me with their warmth and friendship.

Yesterday, I was in a meeting at the church where I only knew the minister and yet I felt as if I was with friends.  It is all because people chose to open their mouths and hearts and welcome me.  I was spoken to and touched.  Oh, how my heart has needed this body of believers and I know God is going to continue showering them with blessings as they lift His name and love others.