Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking Down the Tree

The boxes are down from the attic and the kids are helping me round up all the little Christmas trees placed throughout the house.  I'm sure we will discover one missed in a couple of weeks...or months!  ;)  As Christmas is past and 2010 is ending, I am reflecting back on this year and I have to say that I am ready for 2011.

We are beginning this new year off on a journey of faith.  This time around it wasn't one that we chose for ourselves as we did 8 years ago.  This time it was given to us.  A steady, guaranteed paycheck will not be appearing in our bank account on a bimonthly basis nor will health and dental insurance keep us from the anxiety of the inevitable sickness that finds children.  However, no less faith is required to charge forward on the path that we believe God has prepared for us.

Each moment of our lives are stitched together with faith from the time we kiss our children at the school dropoff to saying goodbye to our spouses as they leave for work.  We have faith that God will protect them and provide for them through whatever they encounter.  Faith that He is our Healer and Sustainer.  Faith that He is our Provider.  He is our Banner and Shield.

I am taking down the trees as well as reminding Satan that I have taken down the pain of 2010 through the blood of Jesus...Faith is my Victory!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thy Word Have I Hid

This has been one of the best Christmases that my family has experienced in a long time!  Cameron said that even though they didn't open very many packages he loved this Christmas the best.  That truly makes this momma's heart happy...I'm sure you understand! 

He received a couple of lazer tag guns.  I didn't know anything about these guns when I first heard him mention that he would like some several months ago.  I googled them and read countless customer reviews until I found some in my price range that an adult consumer even loved.  WOW!  They are so much fun to play with!  The only downside is having to stop and reload!  hahaha

I am a tad on the assertive...okay, fine...aggressive side :) and I charge after my opponent firing the whole time, so inevitably when I have to stop and reload, I get hit.  There have been several battles when the boys have figured me out and they simply wait to shoot while I am reloading.  Good strategy on their part, but I am truly shouting, "Not fair!"  :)  All in good fun...well, as long as I'm winning!

As this day is drawing to a close, and I am ready to commit to a Scripture memory challenge, it dawns on me that I face life this way many times.  I can charge ahead and then when I am out of gas, Satan attacks.  As this year has been drawing to a close I have been neglecting the very thing I need to reload.  Instead of saturating my mind with the Word, I have been dwelling on the "truth" Satan has been feeding me.  He knows my weakness and I have been letting him push my buttons.

Why, oh why, would I allow this when the very power that conquered the grave lives inside of me?!!  Jesus defeated the attacks of Satan with Scripture He had committed to memory...I can do the same!

"Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee."  There are many reasons for Christians to memorize the Word of God, and a powerful one is found in the book of Psalms.  The very Word of God will keep us from falling into sin.  I Corinthians tells us that with every temptation comes a way of escape.  Hearing the Word spoken to my soul from deep in my heart has led me back to my Father's side many times and I will never reach the place where I won't need to reload.

So, I am publicly declaring that I will be joining Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team for 2011.  I am committing to memorizing 24 verses in the next 12 months...24 new verses for me.  I will not be simply refreshing my memory of verses I have already memorized, but will commit a new arsenal as I reload for victory! And, I do love to win!

Please consider joining me.  Check out her blog post that describes the team.  And, then let me know you will be joining me.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken.  Eccl 4.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids

Jesus Calling has been the perfect answer to my prayer for Cameron.  Each night as I would tuck him into bed, we would discuss the day and pray.  Now, the heart and words of Jesus pour into him as well.

Jesus Calling:  365 Devotions for Kids was written by Sarah Young during her own personal quiet times with the Lord.  The devotions are written in the first person, as if Jesus is speaking directly to the reader.  Many times, I have found myself changing the pronouns in the Bible to the first person because I want to hear Jesus addressing me specifically.

The devotions cover many aspects of a Christian's walk from fear to joy to giving and faith.  Each day begins with a verse from the Word followed by a devotional thought and ending with further verses to look up and read.  Cameron has chosen these verses and thoughts to share with his class at school when it is his turn to lead the daily devotional. 

Not only has Jesus Calling helped ground him in the Word, it has developed his confidence in sharing the Word.  I whole-heartedly recommend this devotional for parents and kids.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Thomas Nelson book review bloggers program.